Bridal SetThe bridal set is the third design in a series of rings from the book of Revelation.

This design consists of a set of four rings. The engagement ring, two wedding bands and an eternity ring.

The engagement ring is 14 Karat yellow gold, a plain band culminating into a filigree crown with roses. The crown holds a ruby, the red stone in Revelation 4 which says our God is like a Sardis Stone. The crown represents the crown of the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. The red stone is not only the description in Revelation 4 but also depicts the blood shed on the cross at Calvary. To each side of the crown are engraved 4 point stars which is the Christmas star. They also have the shape of a cross which reminds us not only that Jesus came to earth as a real baby but also that His destiny was the cross for the salvation of mankind. Each star holds a small diamond representing the bride of Christ who He holds in the center of His heart.

There are 2 wedding bands. Bride and groom. They are plain gold bands each with a 4 point star. The grooms star holds a small diamond in the center to represent how the groom holds the bride. The brides ring holds a small ruby in the center of the star to represent how the bride holds the groom. This is the story of Jesus and His bride. He holds us close and we must learn to hold Him close.

The eternity band is a plain gold band with 4 sets of two stones, a diamond and a ruby side by side, spread around the band. These again are set in 4 point stars. It is the groom and the bride walking together side by side for eternity.

The whole of the wedding set speaks of the sacrifice of Jesus to buy for Himself a bride. The stars hold the story of Christmas and the cross. The red stones the blood He shed. The crown, that He is King of all. The diamonds the bride made pure and spotless by His blood. The walk we have with Him through all eternity.

They show that:

  • He will be our husband.
  • He is preeminent in our lives.
  • And the covenant is forever.



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